Farmaè, Italy’s leading healthcare, beauty and wellness platform, is collaborating with start-up Ogyre to remove plastic from the ocean with the help of fishermen. The aim of the operation is to collect 1,000 kilos of “marine litters” from the sea

Viareggio, 8 June 2022 – Farmaè S.p.A. (“Farmaè”) – a company listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market of Borsa Italiana, a leading integrated platform in Italy in the healthcare, beauty and wellness sectors – is promoting the collection of 1,000 kilograms of plastic from the sea: indeed, the company has started a partnership with the start-up Ogyre, the first global platform for fishing for litter, a model that enables anyone – individuals and companies – to contribute to the health of the oceans by collecting marine waste with the help of fishermen.

The collection project can be followed online through a dedicated webpage ( where the progress of the collection – up to the target of 1,000 kg of total litter – and the details of the fishermen involved will be reported.

The initiative will be announced on World Oceans Day, established by the United Nations with the aim of shedding light on the problems affecting the oceans and raising public awareness on these issues.

With its ports already active in Italy (Cesenatico, Santa Margherita Ligure, Marina di Ravenna), Brazil and Indonesia, Ogyre now counts on a network of 80 fishing boats in three continents, thanks to whose collaboration it carries out sustainability projects such as the one completed with the contribution of Farmaè.

“Fishing for litter” is a project set up in Scandinavian countries aimed at cleaning the seas of plastic through the collaboration of fishermen who – during their daily work – come across kilos and kilos of rubbish disposed of in the sea. The project provides a financial contribution for them to bring ashore the marine waste that gets stuck in their fishing nets, while making a positive impact on local communities. Once ashore, the waste is disposed of properly through partnerships with local NGOs. Through its network of fishing boats, Ogyre collects on average 10,000 kg of waste per month, some of which is then input into the recycling circuit. The start-up’s goal is to collect four million kilograms by 2025 thanks to collection projects involving companies and individuals.

Daniele Bertuccelli, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Farmaè, stated: “This initiative in favour of the oceans is part of a broader path that Farmaè has undertaken with the aim not only of becoming sustainable itself, but also of fostering public awareness of the serious environmental problems we face today. The company’s recent decision to become carbon neutral, i.e. with zero CO2 emissions, with the aim of combating the climate crisis, is also part of this perspective”.

Riccardo Iacometti, Founder and CEO of Farmaè S.p.A., emphasised: “I believe that for a company operating in the healthcare, beauty and wellness sector, committing to the environment, whether it 2 is the climate crisis or the health of the oceans, is very important. This, too, is part of the health and well-being of our customers. Thanks to the high number of visitors to our web portal, almost 44 million last year, we can give wide visibility to these topics through our channels, thus raising awareness among our audience”.

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