The top digital Group in Europe in the relevant multichannel macro sector

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Talea Group places People and Companies at the heart of its values , and actions in order to meet their needs and desires with an approach that integrates simplicity, specificity, sustainability and security. Similarly to the plant propagation method after which it is named, Talea Group bases its identity on digital culture and the ability to cultivate and nurture opportunities for stakeholders , through innovative and sustainable digital solutions to meet the needs of consumers, companies and partners in the best and fastest way possible.

People and Companies lie at the centre of our initiatives, we aim at fulfilling their needs and desires and develop our business model on two main areas of business activity:

  • The Consumers Area, in which it operates with the commercial brands, the best known and most established in the online Health, Wellness and Beauty sector: Farmaè, Amicafarmacia, Farmaeurope, Sanort and Beautyè;
  • The Industrial Area, in which it operates with Talea Media, the Group’s new brand designed and created to manage an ecosystem of digital opportunities for businesses and Valnan, the Group’s online Communication and Marketing agency.

Over the years, the Group has developed the ability to evolve business models and generate growth and prosperity in the relevant markets thanks to a profound analytical culture (Data analysis) that currently represents an important strategic value of the Group and the requirement to consolidate and nurture the unparalleled value of the Data Economy.


To fulfil the needs and desires of people and companies.
Through Digital Transformation, Digital Business and the Data Economy


Offering a universe of digital solutions that become a benchmark for people and companies


Connected to your needs, provided with solutions


The founding principles and new values that strongly guide the company’s identity and actions. Today and tomorrow


Digital people oriented


An integration of digital solutions to guarantee specific experiences for specific needs and requirements