Digital people oriented

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A strategy geared towards meeting the needs and requirements of people and companies that think and live digitally. A strategy that involves the relevant communities, therefore no longer the “consumer” and the “customer” only, but the needs of People and Companies within the market. A strategy capable of evolving its business models thanks to the digital culture based on Data analysis, which is the strategic value of the Group and the basic requirement for thriving in the Data Economy. A strategy capable of generating growth and therefore prosperity in its relevant markets thanks to digitally competitive family brands that are close to people and companies. A simple, clear and defined strategy to consolidate market leadership in Italy and to begin a path of consolidation also on the European market.

Underlying the Group’s growth strategy is the desire to support the evolution of companies in the current digital scenario, not only by offering proprietary platforms for the sale of products, but also through strategic advisory services for the digital evolution of business models. The Group’s strategy rests on three key pillars:


ability to reach the relevant communities, therefore no longer just «consumers» and «customers» but also the expressed and unexpressed needs of Individuals and Companies within the relevant market.


ability to evolve business models thanks to digital culture, hence to family brands that are digitally evolved, competitive and close to People and Companies. In order to accelerate business growth, one needs to build around People and Companies new services and channels to exploit all available skills to generate performance, also in cross-cutting markets, based on digital know-how.


ability to generate growth and thus prosperity within the relevant markets thanks to Data Analysis, which is the group’s strategic value and a prerequisite for thriving in the Data Economy./span>