An integration of digital solutions to guarantee specific experiences for specific needs and requirements

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Since its inception, Talea Group’s business model has opted for a vertical positioning that tends to enhance its in-depth digital knowledge with a strong focus on the end consumer’s desires for specific product categories (Health, Wellness and Beauty) and products. The evolution of the vertical positioning has been flanked by new revenue lines with the launch of specific online projects, such as the Data Economy to the benefit of all businesses in the industry, i.e. main suppliers that have turned into significant customers of the Group’s Media department.

Thanks to a strong specialisation of engagement and content, online platforms and physical retail have quickly become a new medium to gain knowledge on the needs of customers and a modern way to interact in the era of every time everywhere.

Today, the Group’s control over marketing ensures the highest quality of services bundled to the product offering, introducing innovations, identifying synergies and new ways of execution that have simultaneously optimised solutions, quality and costs.

The in-depth knowledge of people first and consumers later, allows the Group to swiftly expand into new product categories thanks to a scalable model that can replicate the well-known rules of engagement to the advantage of the value chain. This is a further strength in the eyes of all those companies that decide to entrust their positioning to the Group, thanks to its distribution strength and strategic control of the evolution in the shopping behaviour.