The founding principles and new values that strongly guide the company’s identity and actions. Today and tomorrow

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Efficiency, Reliability, Passion, Professionalism, Partnership: these are the founding values of the Group; over time, the following have been added: Simplicity, Fulfilment, Well-being, Sustainability.


We keep processes and operations as simple as possible, avoiding unnecessary complexity. This makes it easier to make decisions and act quickly, both internally and externally. This value is reflected in the quality of the solutions devised for our customers and for the companies that interact with us.


We pursue the satisfaction of needs. Besides satisfaction, this value promotes Trust, Gratitude, Happiness, Gratification, Self-Esteem.


Not a change of direction but a true evolution of the concept of wellness: from personal health, promoted through medicines and supplements, the concept of well-being extends to everything surrounding people, thus fostering Balance, Satisfaction, Resilience, better Relations, greater Cohesion and Collaboration, greater Sense of belonging.


We act in a responsible and forward-thinking way. In general, we ensure a balance between economic development, environmental impact and social well-being.