Talea Group has always been keen on the wellbeing of its community and surroundings.

For this reason, it devotes attention and resources to social, cultural and civic initiatives in order to promote culture, new generations’ education, support to the needy, and social inclusion.

The Group’s commitment is reflected in its many collaborations with cultural, sporting, educational and solidarity organisations as well as with voluntary associations.

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Art and culture

Enhancing culture is one of the key elements in the community development process and one of the most significant social-impact activities.

For this reason, Talea Group intends to play an important social role by directly supporting, promoting and managing cultural and artistic initiatives.

Charitable donations have been made to organisations supporting activities in cultural heritage, arts, entertainment and music.


Talea Group supports and implements sports-related projects aimed at helping young people improve their physical and social skills to promote their proper development.

The focus on this issue stems from the conviction that the health and psychophysical wellbeing of a community also depends on nurturing new generations that know how to take care of themselves through a healthy, active and responsible lifestyle.

During 2022, the Group’s commitment to sport took the form of medium- and long-term partnerships with sports associations in the fields of Tennis, Basketball, Beach soccer and Sailing.


Traditionally committed to solidarity and social responsibility, which are essential ethical values, Talea Group wholeheartedly pursues non-profit projects that target the most current needs for care and solidarity.