Talea Group gives environmental and social responsibility a fundamental role within its business model, the aim being that of pursuing sustainable development.

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The Group’s path towards sustainability includes objectives to reduce environmental impact by constantly improving the ESG standards of its supply chain through close collaboration with partners.

The path also includes the implementation of medium- and long-term projects aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the protection of the Planet. The commitment covers, in particular, the areas of energy, emissions and waste.

In 2022, with its new environmental strategy, Talea Group has set itself challenging targets to be achieved by 2030 and 2050, while committing to measure and report its performance in a clear and transparent manner.


To move in this direction, the Group’s environmental impact to date has been determined, and a strategic decarbonisation plan has been drawn up in three stages: data collection and analysis, emission reduction strategy over time and identification of possible actions, 100% offsetting of emissions in the current year, and communication to its stakeholders with a view to engagement.

What has been done so far has enabled the company to achieve Carbon Neutral Company certification for 2021, as well as Verified Carbon Footprint, Committed to Net Zero and CO2 Blockchain Certified certifications.


Calculation of emissions – Scope 1 and 2 Farmaè Carbon Neutral – Scope 1 and 2 External “Carbon Neutrality” communication Calculation of emissions – Scope 3


With a view to reducing its impact on the Planet, Talea Group promotes the principles of circular economy and environmental sustainability and is committed to ensuring proper waste production and management.

The Group is active in implementing investment programmes for the consolidation of collection, sorting, recycling and disposal activities, as well as the purchase and maintenance of state-of-the-art infrastructure with reduced environmental impact.

Optimising packaging with reduced environmental impact is fundamental for Talea Group, which is committed to adopting sustainable packaging technologies with the aim of reducing its ecological footprint.