A reality made of people, for people: this is Talea Group. At every stage in the development of its business model, it combines the creation of shared value and sustainable growth with a system that prioritises people, their personal development and social relations.

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Talea Group is committed to building a work culture that is 100% inclusive, offering equal opportunities to all its employees.

Diversity is considered a valuable source of cultural enrichment; embracing it and fostering its proper integration within work teams is fundamental to encourage individuals to express their personality and potential, positively influencing the company’s results.

For its people, Talea Group promotes empathy and individual motivation to ensure freedom of expression and streamlined collaboration.


Continuing vocational training and the personal development of its people are key to the Group’s success and mindful growth.

It is constantly engaged in the design, organisation and management of training courses, as well as diverse activities aimed at optimising the skills and competence of all its people, who are constantly updated to properly function in the modern digital ecosystem.

To this end, Talea Group deploys a personal and professional development path; it starts with the employee’s performance assessment, based on which specific targets are assigned. Subsequently, after identifying any areas for improvement, ad hoc individual or group training courses are designed.

In addition, the Group constantly updates career plans that are then used for outlining succession plans.


Talea works proactively to foster a culture where knowledge and experience are shared to create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

Health and safety are managed as a natural and integral part of Talea Group’s daily work, where all employees play an active role in creating and maintaining healthy and safe working conditions.

The commitment to health and safety is reflected in the standards that are rigorously applied, aligned to best practice and regulatory requirements.