The cover of the latest issue of “Economia del Corriere Fiorentino” is dedicated to Talea Group, rebranding of our group with a view to evolutionary growth and better exploitation of the business model, with an extensive interview of our Founder and Chief Executive Officer Riccardo Iacometti. During the interview, Iacometti explained the significance of the rebranding starting with the name – which perfectly represents the essence and philosophy of the Group which is committed to propagating, thriving and growing opportunities for customers and partners every day through digital – and outlined the growth strategy and qualitative goals from now until 2025.

Talea Group S.p.A, a company listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market of the Italian Stock Exchange and resulting from the rebranding of Farmaè S.p.A, is one of the leading digital groups in Europe in the Health, Wellness and Beauty multichannel macro-sector and in media and digital transformation services for businesses. Talea Group S.p.A. operates with a business model based on two revenuegenerating areas: the Consumers Area, dedicated to e-retaling in which the brands Farmaè, Amicafarmacia, Farmaeurope, Sanort and Beautyè currently operate, and the Industrial Area dedicated to media services and digital transformation with Talea Media and Valnan Communications. The Group – which today employs more than 240 professionals – places People and Companies at the centre of its values and actions in order to satisfy their needs and desires, and bases its identity on digital culture and the ability to evolve business models and generate growth within its relevant markets through innovative and sustainable solutions.