Organised by the leading music business company, D’Alessandro e Galli, the event is scheduled for the next two weekends at the Bussoladomani Park in Lido di Camaiore (LU) where bands from the international indie, classic rock and dance scene will perform every night. In addition to music, ample space will be dedicated to wellness, sport, food, and relaxation.

Viareggio, 14 June 2023 – Farmaè – Talea Group’s commercial brand and leader in Italy in the Health – Wellbeing sector, considered as a point of reference by both the end customer and the industry – will be the Powering Partner of “LA PRIMA ESTATE”, the festival organised by the leading music business company, D’Alessandro e Galli (Di&Gi), scheduled from 16 to 18 and from 23 to 25 June.

Every evening, starting at 6.30 p.m., artists and bands of international level from the indie, classic rock and dance scene will perform four concerts in the splendid setting of the Bussoladomani Park in Lido di Camaiore, fifty metres from the sea, where there will be a single stage, many relaxation areas, several spaces dedicated to companies for product display, and a large area dedicated to catering.

In addition to music, there will be many other experiences, from sport (biking, surfing, yoga on the beach) to a cooking show by the sea and trekking in the hills. Tickets are available at the following link For Farmaè customers, it will be possible to purchase tickets with a discount coupon[1].

Farmaè, as a powering partner, will have at its disposal an area of 60 square metres, which on the first weekend, from 16 to 18 June, will be divided into two zones: one dedicated to make-up and the other to sun brands and supplements. On the weekend from 23 to 25 June, these two areas will be joined by a third dedicated to sexual well-being. In the various areas, there will be various stands and gadgets and it will be possible to carry out various activities, as well as receive many free samples to test (among the main ones Angstrom, Carnidyn, Avène, Durex, Eucerin, Filorga, Korff, Massigen, Mulac, Nuxe, Rilastil, Roger&Gallet, Supradyn, Vichy, Svr, Zuccari).

“Working side by side with a dynamic reality and undisputed leader in the music business like D’Alessandro and Galli has been a wonderful experience that has enriched us both professionally and humanly,” says Riccardo Iacometti, President and CEO of Talea Group. “We are happy to support this wonderful event that, thanks to the selection of artists and bands of international level, will attract many young people, representing an important moment for the territory. A landmark event dedicated to music, fun, well-being and togetherness, but also to reflection on important issues that the artists will bring to the stage with their music. Supporting this beautiful festival is very important to us as it allows us to further strengthen the bond we have with the territory and the local communities that, since the birth of our Group, represent an important resource to be valorised and invested in”.

“We are really happy to have an innovative and successful reality like Farmaè as a powering partner, thanks to values such as quality of service and innovation that we also share,” said Mimmo D’Alessandro, Di&Gi’s CEO. “But the thing that makes us most proud is the superb work that Farmaè has done in the area where we also operate, enhancing internal resources and making important investments. That is why we consider this a true partnership, especially on a highly innovative entertainment project such as La Prima Estate, which combines a new blend of music, holiday, wellness and valorisation of the territory”.

[1]The discount coupon is not valid for the dates: 18 and 24 June. The evening of 18 June will be free admission.

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