Convenient, fast and easy: the solution for those who want to buy Wellness and Health online only

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Farmaeurope operates only online through its e-commerce platform; it is pursuing a solid and structured development plan to quickly establish itself as a new point of reference for those who want to easily buy Health and Wellness in Italy.

It joined the Group in May 2022, contributing its expertise, experience, knowledge and skills in the relevant segment, confirming an ever-increasing standard of quality and a strong commitment to constant improvement. The new generation’s focus on smart, sustainable and accessible solutions has prompted Farmaeurope to complement its generalist product portfolio (cosmetics, supplements, hygiene&wellness, mother- and child-care, pets, health aids, natural products) with niche solutions, enabling it to quickly become the leading emerging player.


Farmaeurope’s values are based on a strong desire to enhance everyone’s wellness in all its forms. The brand is mindful of individual and collective health as a delicate balance that allows the improvement of personal and social resources, and argues that good health generates new capabilities and maximises the potential of everyone.